Elegant Bridal Portraiture

Houston portrait photographer, Michael Carr, was commissioned earlier this year to photograph Leslie’s wedding and bridal portrait. The River Oaks Country Club was selected for the bridal portrait location. This location served as the ideal setting since the wedding reception would be held here the evening of her wedding. An area of the club was selected as our background and a 4 light location strobe setup was used in the creation of her bridal portrait images. With a mixture of ambient and studio strobes we were able to create depth and dimension utilizing camera composition, posing direction and accent lighting techniques. Leslie’s gown had incredible detailing and texture which needed to be captured and recorded accurately. Photographic flags and diffusion material helped sculpt the light to add drama and mood in her final image. We had a successful session. I must give kudos to my full time photo assistant (Lynda Marie) who helps maintain my ever changing box of photographic tools. Also, many thanks to Leslie’s mom and Angela Nix for helping and being my third set of hands.

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